Winter Solstice, dark beer galore!

As the wild winter weather begins to take hold, so too do the vast array of seasonal releases, perfect for those long, cold nights!

As always, any on premise happenings are updated regularly, so check the link for full details.

SWEET TOOTH ALE TRAIL – Featuring Mister Nice Guy Cupcakes
Given we are well & truly entrenched in Winter & it’s our first official Ale Trail event, we decided to go with something pretty quirky, focusing on rich beers that compliment decadent desserts from our friends at Mister Nice Guy Cupcakes. Beer & food pairing is becoming very popular, however we decided to take it up a notch & felt that rich & sweet darker style beers paired with lovely cupcakes would be a perfect tonic for the Winter blues & delight the sweet tooth in all of us!

If you are keen to see what Mister Nice Guy is all about, then check out the link:

On the night we will be showcasing the following pairings:
Apple Pie with Thorogood’s Billy B’s Golden Apple Beer
Breakfast Club with Emersons Taieri George
Rocket Shot with Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout
Berry Boom with Brewdog Tokyo

When: Tuesday 10th July 7-9pm, Cost: $40
Please note that this is a ticketed event, bookings are essential. To do so, email:, to secure your place.

Bright Stubborn Russian Imperial Stout 750ml 30.00
Despite the name, this is actually quite a stylish number overall. Layers of complex dark roasted malt, with touches of dark stewed fruit in a somewhat brutish 10% abv package.

HopDog Sticky Figgy 330ml $5.50
The second in the Dark Odyssey series. This is a Belgian style brown ale, brewed with figs. Layers of dark fruit bring sweetness, while the Belgian yeast brings a touch of spice.

HopDog Secret Santa 330ml $6.00
Festive Belgian style ale. Rich in its red & dark fruit malt notes, with touches of sweet bread, honey & a big old whack of fruit spice. Everything a Festive Christmas Ale should be & perfect for a Southern Hemisphere Xmas in July!

La Sirene Saison 375ml $7.50
There’s been plenty of excitement surrounding the second batch of this Belgian inspired farmhouse ale. Spicy, earthy hop aroma with subtle citrus yeast notes provide a complex, yet easy drinking saison.

Mountain Goat Rare Breed IPA 650ml $10.00
Its back! But apparently the last time as a rare breed, becoming a regular fixture in the range. Rich caramel malt with vibrant fruity hop character.

Prickly Moses Vintage Ale 2012 750ml $25.00
Previously their strong ale, this has received the vintage treatment. A spiced Belgian strong dark ale by style, then aged in French Oak Pinot Nor for 18 months. Stewed dark fruit, malt sweetness, a touch of spice & some oaky tartness, reminiscent of rodenbach.

Southern Bay Requiem Pilsner 330ml $3.90
Apparently lager isn’t dead. This is an uber pale pilsner, brimming with NZ & German hop characters, subtle fruit on the nose & spicy, earthy cleansing bitterness.

Southern Bay Metal Head Porter 500ml $7.00
Who doesn’t like a good robust porter? Layers of dark roasted malt bring caramel, chocolate & coffee notes with British hop bitterness to balance.

Temple Weihenstephaner Unifikator 500ml $12.00
An amazingly unlikely collaboration between Temple & the world’s oldest commerical brewery, Weihenstephaner. A rich & complex weizenbock with sweet bread, dark fruit & spice.

Courage Russian Imperial Stout 275ml $8.50
Easily one of our favorite beers ever! Apparently the modern incarnation of the original Russian Imperial Stout. Exceedingly rich but impeccably balanced despite its whopping 10% abv.

St Peters Suffolk Smokey 500ml $8.00
A delicate malt focused golden ale, brewed with a truckload of smoky, peaty malt. You’ve been warned!

8 Wired Fresh Hopwired IPA 550ml $12.00
As if hopwired couldn’t get any better, Soren has gone & produced a fresh, wet hop version. Vibrant hop aroma & bitterness, that you expect from a fresh hop ale.

Renaissance Paradox Pilsner 330ml $6.50
Paradox has been reincarnated, what was once a blonde, is now a pilsner. Light honey malt allows the fruity hop aroma to shine with cleansing, spicy bitterness on the finish.

Renaissance Voyager IPA 500ml $11.00
English inspired IPA, biscuit & caramel malt with subtle peach & apricot hop aroma & a spicy, earthy hop bitterness.

Yeastie Boys Hudawa Strong 330ml $7.00
Taking inspiration from malt focused British ales, this has been given a modern spin, vibrant citrus & tropical fruit aroma with layers of caramel & toffee malt & a robust, piney bitterness.

Bear Republic Big Bear Black Stout 650ml $14.00
Exceedingly rich & robust imperial stout. Layers of dark, roasted malt, hints of dark fruit & hop character.

Bear Republic Racer 5 IPA 355ml $6.00
The archetypal WCIPA, light & clean malt character with exceptionally robust, borderline aggressive hop presence.

Green Flash Barleywine 650ml $17.00
Certainly a more America barleywine, toffee malt provides support for the robust hop bitterness & subtle dark fruit yeast notes.

Green Flash Imperial IPA 650ml $15.00
Turn the dial up to 11. This is a massive IIPA. Light but rich honey malt on the palate with robust piney hop aroma & bitterness.

Green Flash Rayon Vert 355ml $7.00
Really kooky brew & quite a departure from the rest of the GF range. A hoppy Belgian pale ale brewed with brett yeast, which provides a unique fruit tingle, earthy, funky character that evolves over time.

Green Flash West Coast IPA 355ml $7.00
Another benchmark WCIPA, a dash of malt & a truckload of hop character.

Rogue Yellow Snow IPA 355ml $7.507
An old favorite & great showcase of Amarillo hops. Light, clean malt, citrus fruit hop aroma & bitter grapefruit, piney bitterness on the finish.

Sierra Nevada Southern Hemisphere Harvest 710ml $12.00
Its back for another year. Brewed using freshly harvested NZ hops, this is brimming with aromas of tropical fruit & a grassy bitterness.