Winter is coming – Time for dark ales!

Well as GBW came to a close, I think there were a lot of happy livers. By all reports the week was enjoyed by all & for most, the next 52 weeks can’t come soon enough. Off the back of Good Beer Week & the Australian International Beer Awards there are a number of exciting new beers hitting the shelves, as well as new beers tapped & delicious menu variations. Also, as we move well into the cool Melbourne weather, its time to get stuck into some tasty dark ales!

Some amazing results across the board, in fact too many to mention, so if you’re interested follow the link:

As most of you are aware, the main motive for our relocation was to become more of a beer café. As such our tap list & menu changes regularly, so to keep up to date with all on premise happenings check out the website link:

Also, we got a great little write-up in broadsheet this week, have a read if you’re keen:

2 Brothers Feral Collaborator 330ml $6.50
A collaborative brew to mark 20th Anniversary of AIBA. An Australian style brown ale, caramel & roasted nut notes combine with local galaxym stella & summer hop varieties.

2 Brothers Kung Foo Rice Lager 330ml $4.50
Doesn’t sound overly inspiring does it? Well think again, clean & light on the palate but with a good whack of amarillo hop aroma & bitterness.

Cavalier Imperial Stout 750ml $28.00
A relative newcomer to the local scene & in part brewed by Shayne our newest staff member. Exceptionally rich & robust imperial stout, with masses of dark roasted malt, a touch of sweetness & hop bitterness as well.

Two Birds Sunset Ale 330ml $3.90
Second release from the ladies & this is a ripper. Vibrant tropical fruit & red berry aroma with rich malt notes of sweet bread, honey & toffee.

Van Dieman Hedgerow Autumn Ale 2012 500ml $11.00
The follow up to last years inaugural release, which marks a significant change in style. Brewed with hawthorn, sloe berries & rose hips, the beer is then aged in oak barrels, where it picks up a number of bugs resulting in a funky, tart yeast character.

Van Dieman Two Heads IPA 500ml $11.00
English inspired IPA, rich malt of caramel & toffee with floral & spicy hop nose, while the bitterness is earthy on the finish.

Birra del Borgo Equilibrista 750ml $30.00
Amazingly complex & peculiar brew. Essentially a champagne style bier, which is then blended with chianti. The result is a beer that is part sparkling rose, part lambic. Experimental to the extreme!

Birra del Borgo Hoppy Cat 750ml $18.00
American inspired Cascadian Dark Ale. Vibrant fruity hop aroma with subtle touches of dark roasted malt & a robust, piney bitterness on the finish.

Birra del Borgo Perle ai Porci 750ml $18.00
Brillaint robust style oyster stout. Brewed with rare K2 oysters from Brittany, this has touches of salty sea spray & smoke with plenty of bittersweet dark roasted malt.

Na Biretta Shockwood 2010 500ml 19.00
Belgian style strong ale, rich & malt focussed then aged in French Oak barrels for added complexity.

Renaissance Craftsman Chocolate Oatmeal Stout 500ml $13.00
A serious favorite among many craft beer lovers. Amazingly overt chocolate character on the nose with creamy, velvety oatmeal on the palate & a touch of dry cocoa on the finish. And for those local, we have a keg of this beauty going on very soon!

Guinness Foregn Extra 330ml $6.00
Bucks the trend of nitro “meal in a can” Guinness. This is the real deal as far as guinness goes. Brewed for the export market, exceptionally robust in its dry, bittersweet roasted malt. Classic!

Moorhouse Black Cat 500ml $9.50
A serious favorite of mine but one that flies under the radar & certainly belies its 3.4% abv. Layers of malt complexity make an extremely enjoyable, yet responsible craft beer option.

Traquair House Ale 330ml $10.00
Hands down one of the best beers around. Dark & malt focused with layers of caramel, toffee & subtle roast, however the thing that really sets this apart is the use of coriander seeds & fruity esters that come across as something like a German gewürztraminer.

Worthington White Shield 500ml $9.00
Classic, no doubt & a benchmark English style IPA. Light but complex biscuit malt allow a delicate floral hop aroma & robust spicy earthy, bitterness to come through on the finish.

Sierra Nevada Hoptimum 355ml $8.00
Exceptionally robust DIPA. Brewed with whole, fresh hop cones, this is piney & grassy to the max, with a good dose of bitter grapefruit thrown in as well.