Recent Tasting Notes

Emerald Hill Wheat (12/20)

Big fizzy head early but short-lived. Murky dull orange with a core of stronger orange. Fresh nose, confectionary notes, a hint of spice. Pretty good to taste; more truity fruity, confectionary notes, perhaps a hint of spice. Plenty of fizz keeps the palate buzzing and there’s a surprisingly sharp bitter taste right in the back palate. Decent start for this brewery.

Unibroue Cerezo (13/20)

Pretty handy fruit based beer. Light cherry in colour with a slight brown tinge. Thin head with very thick lacing. Expressive cherry filled bouquet, a touch sweet, some chalky / musk like notes, quite appealing but perhaps a fraction simple. Soft sweet palate, more cherry to the fore, but the flavours tighten and get a little bitter to finish. If this is purely fruit driven and not aided with syrup then the flavour concentration is impressive.

Kulmbacher Eisbock (17/20)

Cola-like appearance although definately more brown than black. Thick cooked, caramalised nose, traces of vegemite, elegant. Palate shows excellent balance, notwithstanding the 9.2%. More raisened, caramel malts, hints of chocolate sweetness in the mid palate. Low fizz is very appropriate. Really quite impressive.