Long weekend, buy a mate a beer. 2 for 1 drink in!

The long weekend beckons & I’m sure you’ve all deserved a beer or two. Plenty happening this week, with a stack of new bottled releases, tasty menu variations & a killer taplist, including a long weekend deal.

Little Creatures & White Rabbit “The Little Rabbit” 2 for 1 deal til the keg is dry!
Pretty simple really. A recent collaboration for GABS resulted in a Belgian style pale ale of which we have a keg & are running a very festive long weekend special. 370ml glasses of Little Rabbit are $8, 2 glasses are also $8 or $4 each & hence how the 2 for 1 deal works. Get a friend & come on down!

As always, any on premise happenings are updated regularly, so check the link for full details.

Black Heart American Brown 500ml $9.50
US inspired brown ale, layers of caramel & chocolate malt with robust hop aroma & bitterness.

Black Heart Dunkelweizen 500ml $9.00
Germans style dark wheat beer, banana & clove yeast notes with some dark malt richness.

Bridge Rd India Saison 330ml $6.00
Its back, originally a collab with Nogne O, this belgian style farmhouse ale is robustly hopped with local varieties.

Grand Ridge Whoa 330ml $6.00
Wet hopped oatmeal ale. Vibrant tropical fruit aroma with creamy palate & grassy bitter finish.

Grand Ridge Vienna Rye 330ml $6.00
German inspired Vienna lager, brewed with a large proportion of rye for spicy malt character.

Mash Collective Amasia Rumweizen 500ml $8.50
Brewed at Stone & Wood, this collection of likeminded individuals with different day jobs created a German dunkelweizen with a dash of rum.

Moo Brew Belgo 330ml $5.00
Belgian inspired pale ale with a twist, the addition of US hop varieties provides a fruity aroma & bitterness.

Mornington Peninsula IPA 330ml $4.50
American style IPA, caramel & toffee malt provide support for fruity & robust piney hop bitterness.

Temple Bicycle Beer 330ml $3.50
A beer for the Brunswick brewery’s locals, light & refreshing form the use of wheat, sorachi ace hops & a touch of salt for a dry finish.

Temple Midnight IPA 500ml $11.00
Certainly one of the best Black IPAs around. Jet black with vibrant piney hop aroma & bitterness.

Temple Saison 330ml $5.00
Excellent Belgian style saison, light & complex with the addition of orange peel & Brazilian pepper adding depth of flavour.

Temple Saison de Miele 500ml $15.00
A Belgian style saison brewed with honey, lighter on the palate with dry, earthy honey notes.

Red Hill Sticke Alt 330ml $4.50
A style that hails from Dusseldorf, Germany, rich & malty with a clean lager finish.

Red Hill Imperial Stout 330ml $7.50
Complex layers of dark roasted malt & dark stewed fruit provide a thoroughly enjoyable beer.

Stone & Wood Jasper Ale 500ml $6.00
Equal parts German altbier, English brown ale & American Amber, this malt focused ale has notes of honey, toffee & red fruit.

Wicked Elf Porter 330ml $6.00
Robust English style porter, layers of caramel & chocolate malt with a great degree of balance & daintiness.

Emersons Taieri George 500ml $13.00
Another year & another stellar release of this amazing Belgian inspired dark ale. Masses of dark malt & spice, reminiscent of Christmas pudding.

Beer Here Amme Stout 500ml $13.00
Sweet stout brewed with lactose but balanced by dry bittersweet coffee notes.

Beer Here Fat Cat 500ml $12.00
US inspired red ale, brewed with NZ Nelson Sauvin hops. Caramel & toffee malt with vibrant tropical fruit hop character.

Beer Here Hop Fix 500ml $13.00
American inspired IPA brewed with a high proportion of rye, exhibiting spicy malt notes that compliment piney hop bitterness.

Beer Here Hoptilicus 500ml $14.00
US style strong ale, rich caramel & toffee notes with subtle fruity hop aroma & piney bitterness on the finish.

Beer Here Nordic Rye 500ml $15.00
A modern style farmhouse ale. Rye, oat & wheat have been used to provide malt richness, while the earthy farmhouse yeast provides interesting counterbalance. The idea from which the recent Moondog Collab Freaks & Geeks was born.

Norrebro Kings County Brown 400ml $9.50
Collaboration with Garret Oliver of Brooklyn brewery, an American inspired brown ale, caramel & roasted nut notes with robust hop character.