GBW ends, but the Kiwi invasion continues!

So before the post-Good Beer Week depression starts to set in, we thought we’d try to keep that buzz going with plenty of exciting arrivals, many of which are from across the ditch & hit the shelves off the back of GBW debuts.

Also, amongst the onslaught of events last week, the Australian International Beer Awards took place, check link for Crafty Pint’s synopsis & list of major winners:


3 Ravens Collab The Congress 500ml $12.00
4 way collab with Moo Brew, Holgate & Bacchus, a black rye smokey maple ale.

Australia Brewery Smoked IPA Can 330ml $7.00
UK inspired IPA brewed with target & challenger hops with smoked malt.

Brewcult Acid Freaks 500ml $12.00
Baltic style porter brewed with Balsamic vinegar producing a slightly sweet, sour character.

Mash The Challenger IPA 330ml $4.50
Part new world, part old with the addition of Kiwi & UK hop varieties.

Moondog Kissmeyer Nordic Saddle Buffer 330ml $14.00
Collab with Anders Kissmeyer, barleywine aged in both shiraz & pinot noir barrels.

Red Duck Black Bengal 330ml $6.50
Masses of dark malt with robust hop aroma & bitterness.

Red Duck Belgian Vanilla Porter 330ml $7.00
Back for another year, dark chocolate notes with dark fruits & vanilla.

Red Duck The Ox Imperial Stout 330ml $10.00
Back for another year & once more a rather underrated winter seasonal release.

Red Duck The Grizzly 330ml $10.00
A rich honey braggot blended with belgian style tripel.

Rocks Brewing Hangman Pale 330ml $4.00
Moderately hopped pale ale with notes of citrus fruit & light caramel malt.

Stone & Wood Stone Beer 500ml $9.00
Layers of caramel & toffee malt abound due to the use of hot stones, which caramelises the wort.

To Ol By Udder Means 330ml $8.50
Milk stout that is sweet on the mid-palate but finishes with masses of dark roasted malt.

To Ol Black Maria 330ml $9.00
A big & ballsy black IPA, with layers of dark malt as well as plenty of hop aroma & bitterness.

To Ol BA Sans Frontier 375ml $21.00
Robustly hopped Belgian inspired farmhouse ale that is aged in White wine barrels with brett.

To Ol Omnipollo Brewmance 375ml $23.00
Collab with Swedish brewery Omnipollo, this Bourbon BA Imperial Stout is brewed with rooftop honey.

Moor Illusion 650ml $13.00
Black IPA with traditional leanings, coming in at a modest 4.5% abv.

Moor JJJ IPA 650ml $20.00
A big & bold IIPA that packs plenty of punch.

Moor Hoppiness IPA 650ml $15.00
Modern IPA with typical English execution, robust but with plenty of restraint & finesse.

Thornbridge Chiron 500ml $10.00
US style pale ale, biscuit & caramel malt with citrus & pine hop notes.

8 Wired Superconductor IIPA 500ml $16.00
Fast becoming one of the regions best IIPAs. Clean malt base allows aggressive hop bitterness to dominate.

8 Wired Fresh Hopwired IPA 500ml $13.00
Brewed with fresh, wet hops & a touch of caramel malt with lashings of tropical fruit hop notes.

8 Wired Grand Cru 375ml $18.00
Belgian quad aged brewed with sultanas & aged in red wine barrels with funky yeast strains.

8 Wired Bumaye 330ml $18.00
A beastly barrel aged imperial stout, coming in at a whopping 16% abv.

8 Wired Mighty 330ml $14.00
Strong ale brewed with smoked manuka.

Yeasite Boys Digital IPA 330ml $7.50
Clean & hop focussed with tropical fruit aroma & grassy bitterness.

Yeatie Boys Gunnamatta IPA 330ml $7.50
This ever popular Earl Grey Tea IPA is back, but not for long!

Renaissance Craftsman 500ml $12.00
Highly acclaimed chocolate oatmeal stout. Smooth, creamy & very moreish.

Renaissance MPA IIPA 500ml $14.00
A Marborough Pale Ale boldly brewed solely with Rakau hops from the region.

Renaissance Enlightenment Age of Raisin 500ml $13.00
Belgian style abbey ale brewed with raisins.

Renaissance Enlightenment Scotch on Rye 500ml $12.00
Rich malt focussed Scottish ale brewed with Rye for a touch of spice.

Renaissance Tribute Barleywine 330ml $18.00
Another highly acclaimed release, rich & malty with layers of toffee malt & dark fruit sweetness.

Garage Project Death From Above 650ml $18.00
Indochine Pale Ale, brewed with chilli, vietnamese mint, lime juice & plenty of US hops.

Garage Project Pernicious Weed 650ml $17.00
An exceptionally bold IPA brewed with Nelson Sauvin & Rakau hops.

Garage Project Hops on Point 650ml $17.00
Brewed with German malts, Nelson Sauvin Hops & finished with champagne yeast.

Garage Project Pils n Thrills 650ml $15.00
Boldly hopped imperial pilsner, that remains clean & crisp.

Garage Project Venusian Pale Ale 650ml $18.00
A peculiar number brewed with quirky ingredients from the far reaches of the universe.

Liberty Yakima Monster 500ml $12.00
Strong/extra pale ale that is robustly hopped with varieties from the Yakima Valley USA.

Liberty Yakima Scarlet 500ml $13.00
Red IPA that is both rich in malt but big & hoppy.

Parrot Dog Bloodhound Red IPA 330ml $7.00
Caramel & toffee malt with fruit hop aroma & bitterness.

Parrot Dog Bitter Bitch IPA 330ml $7.00
Aggressively hoppy, using NZ varieties imparting tropical fruit aroma & lingering bitterness.

Baladin Nora 750ml $19.00
Belgian inspired dark ale brewed with ancient Egyptian ingredients.

Baladin Open Reserva 750ml $19.00
Originally brewed to celebrate the opening of Open Baladin bar in Rome. Hoppy US style IPA.

Baladin Elixir 750ml $22.00
Belgian strong golden ale that is fermented with whisky distillers yeast for overtly dry & fruity notes.

Toccalmatto Oceania 750ml $18.00
Dry & earthy Saison brewed with hops from the NZ & Oz.

Toccalmatto Zona Ceserini 750ml $19.00
A Pacific IPA, light & clean malt with robust Sorachi Ace hop character.

Toccalmatto Uber Pils 750ml $18.00
An imperial pilsner with such finesse, delicate, yet bold & hoppy.

Birra del Borgo Perle ai Porci 750ml $19.00
Oyster stout that is roasty & has subtle salty, smokey notes.

Birra del Borgo Maledetta 750ml $18.00
Malt driven ale that is best complimented with a fine cigar.

Baird Morning Coffee Stout 360ml $8.50
A dry stout brewed with Mexican coffee beans.

Baird Black Smoke Stout 360ml $8.50
Export style stout brewed with German Rauchbier malt.

Brewdog Tokyo 330ml $17.00
Huge imperial stout weighing in at a whopping 18%, brewed with jasmine, cranberry & French oak.

Brewdog Abstrakt AB:12 375ml $28.00
Black Belgian IPA brewed with Scottish berries & aged in oak casks.