Festive beers, its that time of year!

As we head towards the Holidays things are getting suitably hectic in at the store but we wouldn’t want it any other way. New beers in, orders going out & plenty of Festive cheer on the taps.


Every year we get inundated with online orders around this time of year, which is great. However given the increased load & possible delayed shipping times from AusPost, we want everybody to be aware that orders will have to be processed & paid for by Tuesday 18/12 to give us any chance of customers receiving their parcels before Christmas. While we are happy to receive & fill orders after this date, there is a very strong likelihood that you will not receive them before 25th. I know, bah humbug!


This year more than ever we’ve had the ability to source a number amazing festive beers in kegs. So keep your eyes peeled over the next week if you are keen to sample some cheerfully festive beers from some of our favorite brewers including Mikkeller, Birra del Borgo & more.

As always, full tap/growler list can be found on the website: https://slowbeer.com.au//?page_id=261


Australian Brewery Motherload ESB 330ml Can $6.50
Is this the first local craft beer in cans? Bucking the trend of hoppy can offerings, this is a malt focused ESB, layer of caramel & toffee with fruity esters & a touch of hop bitterness.

Feral Smoked Porter 330ml $5.00
Another regular bottle release, this is dark & roasty with notes of smoke.

HopDog White Christmas 330ml
Bucking the trend for the usual more malt driven belgian xmas styles, this is an imperial witbier, generously hopped & brewed with coriander, orange peel & pepper.

La Sirene Noel Saison 375ml $8.00
A Festive Southern Hemisphere Xmas release, maltier than the regular with estery notes of melon & spice.

Red Duck Topaz Pale Ale 330ml $6.00
Single hop pale ale brewed with local Topaz, reminiscent of EKG, spicy & grassy with subtle fruit notes.

3 Fonteinen Armand & Tomme 750ml $30.00
A masterful collab from two of the word’s most renowned blenders, this brings Armand (3F) & Tomme Arthur (Lost Abbey) together for a 4 yo Boon lambic & Armands own lambic from 2008.

De Dolle Dulle Teve 330ml $9.50
Translates as Mad Bitch, this tripel is complex & balanced with notes of Belgian fruit & spice esters.

Piraat 330ml $8.00
Modern, hopped up interpretation of a Belgian Golden Ale, some might say a Belgian IPA.

Gouden Carolus Cuvee Van de Keizer Blue 750ml $21.00
Brewed annually, exceptionally rich & complex with layers of malt sweetness, dark stewed fruit & spice.

Duvel Tripel Hop 2012 Citra 330ml $8.50
Variant of the classic we all love, 2012 see the use of US Citra hops in the kettle & dry hopping too.

De Ranke XX Bitter 330ml $7.00
Another rather hoppy Belgian pale ale. Spicy & earthy hop aroma with a similar palate & a touch of Belgian yeast spice.

Chouffe Houblon IPA 330ml $8.50
Inspired by the hoppy US styles, this is a true Belgian IPA. Subtle sweet pils malt, spicy, earthy hops with notes of fruit esters & complex earthy yeast spice.

Liefmans Goudenband 375ml $9.50
Flanders Oud Bruin, notes of caramelized balsamic, toasty oak & cherry tartness. A classic & its easy to see why.

Urthel Hop It 330ml $8.50
Supposedly the first Belgian brewed Belgian IPA, inspired on a trip to the US, the result is spicy & earthy with robust hopping & complex belgian yeast character.

De Struise Pannepot 330ml $9.50
Holy heck, is this not one of the most revered beers in the world? Rich & exceptionally complex with notes of caramel malt, dark stewed fruit & spice.

De Struise Pannepuet 330ml $9.50
Variant of pannepot, which was originally brewed for the Scandinavian market. Rich & malt driven with notes of dark fruit & spice.

Mikkeller Revelation Cat Cream Ale 330ml $7.00
Collab with Revelation Cat from Italy. This is a modernized cream ale, a tip of the hat to pre prohibition lagers.

To Ol Mikkeller Walk on Water 330ml $12.00
A Danish collab of biblical proportions! An attempt to make the lowest gravity beer in the world, quite the feat for a beer of 14% abv.

To Ol Mochaccino Messiah 330ml $7.50
Robust style brown ale brewed with coffee. Notes of caramel, nuts & roasted coffee.

To Ol Snowball Saison 750ml $35.00
A hoppy, super dry saison brewed with brett yeast for a slightly funky, earthy & tart finish.

Canardou La Nonnette 330ml $7.00
Belgian inspired dark ale, brewed with a variaty of specialty malts including spelt & buckwheat, providing notes of grain, toasted cereal & nuts.

Melusine La Cervoise 330ml 7.00
A throwback to la gauloise brewing with the use of wild honey & myrtle, providing floral aromatics & rich, earthy honey character on the palate.

Melusine Love & Flowers 330ml $7.50
A beautifully delicate bier blanche, brewed with rose petals for subtle floral, Turkish delight aroma & flavour adding to a creamy wheat beer palate.

Melusine Puy D’Enfer 330ml $7.50
A Belgian inspired tripel, a touch of malt sweetness with notes of candied orange & yeast derived spice.

Omnipollo Nebuchadnezzar 330ml $10.50
A big ballsy, US inspired Imperial IPA. Hops, hops & more hops.

Omnipollo Nomada En El Bosque 330ml $10.00
Collab with Spanish brewery Nomada, this is a red ale brewed with rye, moscovado sugar & cranberries.

Brewdog Abstrakt AB:10 375ml $28.00
Imperial Brown Ale aged in Spanish red wine barrels for added complexity.

Brewdog Anarchist Alchemist 330ml $16.50
Dubbed a true triple IPA, thrice as many hops as a normal IPA.

Brewdog Ballast Point San Diego Scotch Ale 330ml $26.00
Collab with Ballast Point of USA. This is a Scotch ale brewed with raisins soaked in Ballast Point Rum & aged in whisky casks.

Brewdog Dead Pony Club 330ml $4.50
Californian style pale ale, light & easy going with a modst 3.5% abv but chock full of hops.

Brewdog Libertine Black Ale 330ml $7.00
American style black ale, robustly hopped with aromatics & bitterness, as well as plenty of dark roasted malt.

Anchorage Galaxy White IPA 750ml $32.00
Brewed with Australian Galaxy hops, coriander, cumquats, peppercorns & then fermented in French oak with brett yeast.

Anchorage White Out 750ml $29.00
Belgian inspired witbier with a twist, brewed with lemon peel, black peppercorns & coriander then aged in French Oak Chardonnay barrels wit brett yeast.

Cambridge Audacity of Hops 650ml $23.00
Belgian style IPA, plenty of hop aroma & bitterness with added complexity of Belgian yeast.

Cambridge Red God IIPA 650ml $22.00
Imperial IPA with loads of hop character.

Clown Shoes Hoppy Feet BIPA 650ml $22.50
Aromatic hops, dark malt & a heap of bitterness to finish. None other than a black IPA.

Clown Shoes Muffin Top 650ml $29.00
Belgian IPA of sorts, a blend of tripel & IPA. US hops & Belgian yeast, an increasingly popular mix.

Clown Shoes Vampire Slayer 650ml $17.50
Rich & robust imperial stout brewed with hickory smoked malt.

Dark Horse Scotty Karate 355ml $9.00
Rich, malt focused scotch ale. Caramel & toffee notes with dark fruits & a touch of burnt sugar.