Can-demonium! An influx of tasty, tasty beers in cans.

Ok, so we say it pretty much every week but there have truly been a tonne of new beers hitting the shelves this week. Additionally we have had a full tap list makeover, with all kegs changing at more or less the same time & for the first time ever, all 4 are available for growler fills. That’s some serious choice!

In a bid to beat the Winter blues, we will be running specials on selected tap beers Monday to Wednesday every week. Bring a friend, buy a share plate of food + 1 glass of our tap beer of the week, then receive the second glass with our compliments! Perfect to share with a mate, or a date…or on your own I guess?

Now that doesn’t seem fair does it? Rest assured, if you can’t wrangle a mate/date, alternatively you can buy 1 glass of our tap beer of the week, then receive the second glass at half price. Same deal, Monday to Wednesday every week.

As always, check the link for current tap list & menu.

3 Ravens Oak Aged Prussian Porter 500ml $14.00
Inspired by the Baltic style porters, rich & robust with layers of dark roasted malt, as well as toasted oak & vanilla notes to complement.

Bootleg Black Market IPA 330ml $5.00
US inspired Black IPA, an abundance of dark roasted malt, with robust grapefruit & pine hop aroma & bitterness.

Bridge Rd B2 Mach 2.0 750ml $31.00
Dubbed as Black India Belgian Ale, its been a good year since we have last seen this. Layers of dark roasted malt, dark stewed fruit & spice with robust piney hop bitterness.

Kooinda Milk Porter 330ml $4.50
Traditional style porter with caramel, dark chocolate & espresso notes, complimented by lactose (milk sugar) for a slightly sweet mid-palate but dry, roasty finish.

Moondog Black Lung II 330ml $7.00
The second installment of this big, brash imperial stout. Brewed with peated malt & aged in whisky casks for good measure.

Prickly Moses Black Panther IBA 330ml $4.50
American inspired India Black Ale, Black IPA, Cascadian Dark Ale, whatever you want to call it, this is hop forward with notes of pine as well as layers of dark roasted malt.

Prickly Moses Raconteur IPA 330ml $5.00
A big, ballsy US inspired IPA, brewed with many of the big C hop varieties, Chinook, Centennial & Cascade for a big piney, herbally hop character.

Red Hill Weizenbock 330ml $6.00
Somewhat of a polarizing beer but much like all Red Hill seasonals, this is a ripper in my eyes. Rich & malt driven with banana & clove yeast notes.

Stone & Wood Stone Beer 500ml $8.50
German inspired beer brewed with wood fired stones that caramelize the wort, providing malt like richness but a clean profile.

Amager Hr Fredriksen Colorado Whiskey Edition 375ml $21.00
Imperial stout aged in Stranahan’s Colarado Whiskey barrels for 26 months!

Amager Hr Fredriksen Danish Red Wine Edition 375ml $21.00
Imperial stout aged in Danish red wine barrels for 12 months, grapes & oak are dominant.

Amager POP Portwine Oatmeal Porter 375ml $21.00
Silky, viscous, rich & dark with notes of chocoalte & vanilla as well as port tones from barrel ageing.

Amager & Port Brewing Wookie IPA 500ml $13.00
Collab with Port Brewing of USA, a juicy, WC inspired IPA.

Amager Sinner Series Wrath Saison 500ml $13.00
Belgian farmhouse ale aged in Pinot Noir oak barrels. Soft tannins from the wood add a twist to the earthy, tartness.

Kissmeyer & Soegaards Espresso Stout 500ml $13.00
Collab with Soegaards, rich stout with added cold water extract of African highland coffee.

Dark Star Espresso Stout 500ml $8.00
Easily one of our favorites but a beer that is very hard to get our hands on. Light & delicate in profile with a modest 4% abv but loaded with bittersweet roasted coffee notes.

Epic Barrel Aged IPA 500ml 18.00
Take the brewery’s Armageddon IPA & aged it in American Oak for a few months. The result is a hop forward beer with notes of toasty oak, vanilla & coconut.

Epic Zythos IPA 500ml $13.00
A blend of some of the best US grown hop varieties, providing an IPA that is quintessentially American.

Mata Brown Boy 330ml $6.50
A beer that will no doubt fly under the radar. Rich caramel & toffee malt with subtle fruity hop character & a peppery finish from NZ’s indigenous horopito.

Mata Taniwha 330ml $7.00
A full bodied, malt focused ale with rich smokey notes from the use of a hangi pit whereby malted barley & sweet potatoes are placed, then later used in the brew.

De Molen Hel & Verdomenis 330ml $14.00
Much like a lot of the De Molen range, this is an exceptionally rich & robust imperial stout. Layers of dark roasted malt richness provide a beer of great cellaring potential.

De Molen Bloed Zweet & Tranen 330ml $10.00
A rich & robust dark ale brewed with both peated whisky malt & German rauchbier malt. An onslaught of dark malt & smoke.

Nogne O Bridge Rd India Saison 500ml $12.00
The original incarnation of this unlikely collaboration brewed in Norway. A robustly hopped saison with loads of local galaxy, stella & summer hop varieties.

Birra del Borgo CastagnAle 750ml $17.00
Brewed with chestnuts, somewhat of an italian traditional. Light & malt driven with dry, earthy nut notes.

Birra del Borgo Dogfish Head My Antonia 330ml $6.50
Collab with DFH, an imperial pilsner. Delicate & balanced with robust hop aroma & bitterness.

Birra del Borgo ReAle Anniversario 7 750ml $18.00
American inspired amber ale, brewed with ingredients from 7 different areas of the globe.

Birra del Borgo ReAle 330ml $7.00
US inspired pale ale, caramel malt with vibrant fruity hop aroma & bitterness.

Birra del Borgo ReAle Extra 330ml $7.00
Equal parts US & UK IPA. Rich caramel & toffee malt with layers of apricot, marmalade, bitter grapefruit & pine.

Birrificio Troll Dau Saison 750ml $18.00
Traditional style saison, coming in at a modest 3.9% abv. Light & delicate but complex, with earthy, peppery hop notes.

Birrificio Troll Palanfrina 750ml $21.00
Belgian inspired ale with an Italian spin. Dark, rich & malty with the addition of chestnut, producing a dry, earthy character.

Birrificio Troll Shangrila 750ml $19.00
Barleywine style ale, rich & malt focussed with the addition of Himalayan spices for added complexity.

Croce di Malto Triple XXX 330ml $9.00
Belgian style strong golden ale, subtle honey sweetness with notes of peach, citrus fruit & an earthy, spicy hop finish.

Extraomnes Blond 330ml $8.50
Belgian style blond, delicate with floral hop aroma & subtle fruity notes.

Extraomnes Donker Imperial Coffee Stout 330ml $9.50
Just like the perfect Italian Espresso, rich & creamy with dark chocolate & bittersweet coffee roast on the finish.

Extraomnes Saison 330ml $9.00
Rustic style farmhouse ale, light & easy drinking but still very complex. Floral, spicy hop nose with notes of citrus fruit & yeast spice.

Extraomnes Straff 330ml $9.50
Beefed up version of their saison. Slightly darker, richer & more robust in its hop & yeast character.

Exraomnes Tripel 330ml $9.50
Belgian style abbey tripel, notes of citrus fruit, spicy, peppery yeast with a touch of malt sweetness before a dry finish.

Extraomnes Zest 330ml $9.00
Belgian inspired ale with nods to the US craft scene. Hopped with modern varieties both in the boil & for dry hopping, creating a vibrant fruity hop aroma & bitterness.

Scarampola Italian Pale Ale 750ml $19.00
American inspired IPA with an Italian twist. Brewed with grapefruit to provide an overt bitter fruity character.

Bear Republic Racer 5 650ml $13.00
Truly a quintessential WC IPA, clean & light malt with an abundance of bitter grapefruit, citrus & pine hop character.

Green Flash Palate Wrecker 650ml $18.00
An big, brash & ballsy Imperial IPA. Much like most WC examples, this is lean on malt but high on bitterness.

Green Flash Hop Head Red 650ml $14.00
American style red ale, caramel & toffee malt with vibrant fruit hop aroma & bitterness on the finish.

Sierra Nevada Ovila Dubbel 355ml $8.50
An abbey dubbel that is rich & dark with notes of stewed fruit & spice.

Sierra Nevada Hoptimum 355ml $8.00
Much like th GF Palate wrecker this is a beast of a hop bomb. 10.5% abv of raw hop power.

Uncommon Bacon Brown Ale 470ml Can $8.00
An English inspired nut brown ale with a nice whack of buckwheat but the real twist comes from the addition of cured & smoked pork, providing sweet, smoky meat characters.

Uncommon Baltic Porter 470ml Can $8.50
Traditional inspired Baltic porter with a twist, the addition licorice root & star anise provide an interesting dimension.

Uncommon Golden State Ale 470ml Can $8.00
Belgian inspired strong golden ale, a delicate & complex brew where the addition of toasted poppy seeds provide a nice zing.

Uncommon Siamese Twin Ale 470ml Can $9.50
Belgian inspired dubbel brewed with kaffir lime & lemongrass.