Yeast Driven Mixed Pack

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A careful selection of 6 different beers (2 bottles of each), focussing on the characteristics imparted by certain yeasts & methods of fermentation. Looking at funky, earthy, fruity & sour notes in varying degrees. (Pictured beers just an example)

Styles showcased include:
Saison – Belgian-style farmhouse ale, light & dry with funky citrus.
Brett Ale – Wild yeast strain known for it’s barnyard notes.
Gose/Berliner Weisse – Obscure German-style sour wheat beers. Gose is brewed with salt & sometimes coriander seed. Usually fermented with lactic bacteria.
Gueuze – Belgian-style lambic that is spontaneously fermented & oak aged. Often a blend of 1, 2 & 3 year old to balance young sour with older oak influence.
Flanders Red Ale – Belgian-style red ale aged in oak vats & batch blended. Often 1, 2 & 3 year old blends. Sweet & Sour & oaky to taste.
Belgian Strong Dark Ale – Rich dark ale with notes of raisin & clove yeast character. The dark colour & sweet flavour comes from the use of candy sugar, not roasted malt.