Malt Driven Mixed Pack

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A careful selection of 6 different beers (2 bottles of each), focussing on the characteristics of certain malt driven ales. Looking at biscuit, nutty, caramel, toffee, chocolate & coffee notes in varying degrees. (Pictured beers just an example).

Styles showcased include:
Amber Ale – Not overly heavy or rich but with complex malt flavours of biscuit & caramel.
Brown Ale – Dry nutty notes complimented by touches of caramel & milk chocolate.
Rauchbier – Smoked beer, the malt used is dried over log fires, in most cases beechwood, imparting a rich smoked ham character.
Porter – The name is often used interchangeably with stout, though they are quite different nowadays. Leaning more towards caramel & milk chocolate malt flavour.
Stout – Heavily roasted malts provide bittersweet coffee & dark chocolate notes.
Scotch Ale – A complex mix of bittersweet roasted malt & sweeter caramel toffee characters.