Hop Driven Mixed Pack

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A careful selection of 8 different beers (4 x doubles, 4 x singles), focussing on the characteristics imparted by certain hop varieties & hop driven styles. Looking at floral, fruity, grassy, piney & herbal in varying degrees. (Pictured beers just an example)

Styles showcased include:
Session IPA – Big on hop flavour but modest in abv. Usually below 5% abv
New World Pale Ale – Utilising new world hops, generally from NZ & Australia, providing tropical fruit notes & grassy bitterness.
XPA (Extra Pale Ale) – Sits between a pale ale & IPA, light on malt & robustly hopped.
West Coast US IPA – Generally between 7-9% abv, clean & dry malt profile with aggressive hop bitterness.
Belgian IPA – Noble European hops complimented by earthy Belgian yeast character.
Rye IPA – Spicy, dry rye provides the base for piney US hop bitterness.
Red IPA – Rich caramel & toffee malt balanced by bitter citrus hop notes
Black IPA – Bittersweet dark roasted malt with robust citrus & pine hops.