Mountain Goat Barrel Breed Plum Sour 2017 750ml


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“We don’t normally brew sour ales here at Goat. In fact, we’ve never brewed a sour before in our near 20 year history. But our brewers are an inquisitive lot and in January 2016 they brewed a kettle sour. The following month, a delivery of Tasmanian Plums took a wrong turn on their way to the farm and ended up on our doorstep. Since our brewers can’t resist an opportunity to get a bit experimental, we transferred our kettle sour into some Lark whisky barrels and loaded in 45kg of plums. Since sour beers are notorious for contamination, we then shipped the barrels off to a top-secret location where they remained for 12 months.

Hazy purple to the eye with funky plum and oak aromas, the beer has a bold, upfront tartness and a lingering sweetness from the plums. Best enjoyed at 4-8 degrees, our Plum Sour Ale is light and refreshing with an ABV of just 2.9%, making it a real late-summer thirst quencher. Only 250 bottles have been produced and will be available from the bar and a limited list of craft venues.” Abv: 2.9% Availability: Limited