Beers in, Chris out!

Well, its been a while. As you can imagine there has been plenty happening, with new releases coming in rather sporadically over the past month, that was until this week. It has been a massive past few days, with a tonne of exciting new releases hitting the shelves!

As some of you may know, I (Chris) will be heading overseas on a beer & food pilgrimage very shortly. But fear not, for everyone else it will be business as usual, with Shayne, Scott, Dave & Rick holding the fort while I’m away. For those interested in my beery travel exploits, I will be posting to the blog occasionally & twitter somewhat frequently, highlighting great places to check out in London, France, Switzerland & Italy. Can’t wait!

The same thing happens every year, the guys up at Red Duck get crazy creative & release a heap of new beers ALL AT ONCE! Scott is starting to get a bit of a reputation as one of the quirkier fellows in industry due to his fondness for brewing history & the obscure styles he creates.

Red Duck Ra #2 330ml $9.50
A kooky throwback to ancient brewing practices, hopless & brewed with a sourdough bread yeast, exceedingly tart on the palate.

Red Duck The Bear 330ml $8.50
Little brother to last year’s Braggot, this is rich in honey notes with a thick mouthfeel.

Red Duck Long Shot 330ml $7.00
Produced by the winner of VicBrew 2011, a mocha porter brewed with cocoa, coffee & vanilla.

Red Duck Gruiter 330ml $7.00
This years sibling of Canute the Gruit. A traditional sour dark ale from the middle ages.

Red Duck Smells Like a Pony 330ml $10.00
Another quirky little number, this is a mead blended with strong ale to produce a braggot. The mead is produced using 100% wild buckwheat honey, resulting in unique earth, leather & farmyard character.

+ The Ox Imperial Stout & Belgian Vanilla Porter are back again for this year!

HopDog Children of the Darkness 330ml $6.00
This India Black Ale was originally brewed for GABS 2012. Dark roasty malt in abundance, with herbally, piney hop bitterness.

HopDog Redhopulous 330ml $5.00
US inspired red ale, caramel & toffee malt with vibrant fruity hops on the nose & palate.

HopDog Super Beast 330ml $9.50
A big, rich & robust wheat/barleywine to celebrate the brewery’s 1st Birthday.

La Sirene Wild Saison 375ml $9.50
A variation of their brilliant saison, this is brewed with brett yeast, providing funky, barynyard aromas & flavours

La Sirene Farmhouse Red 750ml $16.00
Another variation of a saison, this time heading in the malty direction. Notes of subtle sweet red fruit.

Moondog Perverse Sexual Amalgam 330ml $8.00
Its back, this hugely popular sour black ale brewed with cherry plums. Dark & roasty but with significant tang & tartness.

Moondog Wet Nurse Tonic 330ml $7.00
Drawing inspiration from that old wive’s tale, this is a honey milk stout. Sweet honey & milk notes upfront with a slightly dry, roasty finish.

Mornington Peninsula Imperial Amber Ale 330ml $6.50
Rich & malt driven with notes of caramel & toffee, as well as touches of fruit hops.

Mornington Peninsula Imperial Stout 330ml $8.00
This beauty has been kicky around on draught for the past month or so & has been receiving some serious praise. Rich & robbust with masses of dark roasted malt, dark fruit & licorice notes.

Murrays Seasons in the Abyss 330ml $11.00
The newest imperial stout variant, this is brewed with a saison yeast, dark & roasty but quite dry & earthy on the finish.

Nail Clout Stout 750ml $70.00
One of the most highly regarded imperial stouts in the country. Big & rich with layers of dark malt & rum soaked dark fruit notes. Super limited!

Red Hill BA Temptation 500ml $24.00
A gin barrel aged version of the regular temptation. Notes of herbacious juniper berries compliment the earthy Belgian yeast character.

Mikkeller Beer Geek Brunch Weasel Cognac 250ml $21.00
I highly doubt whether the original BGB Weasel can be topped but you have to try right & I think this has the potential to get there.

Mikkeller Black Buffalo Trace 375ml $34.00
There are many variants of the black imperial stout but something tells me this will be one of the most sought after, aged in Buffalo Trace Bourbon barrels.

Mikkeller Mexas Ranger 330ml $9.00
A kooky little variant of the Texas Ranger Chipotle Porter, this is done Mexican style. Brewed with spices, almond milk, cocoa, chilli, black beans & avocado leaf.

To Ol Goliat Imperial Stout 375ml $15.00
A exceptionally rich & robust coffee imperial stout.

To Ol First Frontier IPA 330ml $7.00
American inspired IPA, touches of biscuit & caramel malt with vibrant fruity hop & bitterness.

To Ol Final Frontier DIPA 330ml $8.00
Another US inspired hop feast, this is big & rich with subtle honey malt sweetness & an aggressive bitter hop finish.

To Ol & Mikkeller Sleepover Coffee IIPA 330ml $11.50
Big hops & big coffee notes. Layers of fruity, resiny hops combine with roasted espresso notes that are somewhat reminiscent of a black IPA but without the black colour.

Schneider Tap X Cuvee Barrique 750ml $40.00
An amazing release from this German mainstay. This is a blend of their Aventinus & Eisbock that is then aged in Pinot Noir barrels for added complexity.

Baird Saison Sayuri 650ml $16.00
A light, earthy & slightly funky saison brewed with daidai peel (bitter orange) for an added citrus kick.

Yo-Ho Yona Yona Ale 350ml Can $5.00
American inspired pale ale, light with vibrant fruity hop character on the nose & palate.

Yo-Ho Aooni IPA 350ml Can $6.50
US style IPA, slightly sweet biscuity malt with citrus hop aroma & grassy bitterness.

Yo-Ho Tokyo Black Porter 350ml Can $6.00
A beautifully balanced porter, notes of bittersweet dark roasted malt, a hint of smoke & sweetness as well.

8 Wired C4 Double Coffee Brown Ale 500ml $13.00
Originally brewed for GABS 2012, this is an amped up version of the Rewired Brown, brewed with coffee for added oomph.

Epic Beer Nation IPA 500ml $13.00
An ode to early kiwi brewing of the 19th Century. Modeled on the IPAs imported from the Motherland by ship. What’s old is new again.

Epic Double Stout 500ml $15.00
This is the 2012 version of this vintage stout originally brewed as a collab with Thornbridge. A definite departure from the rest of the Epic range, this is dark & malty with layers of roasted malt.

Epic First Batch IPA 500ml $13.00
With a love of US hops shining through with most Epic beers, this one is quintessentially Kiwi. Brewed with a prototype hop variety, which is now called Waimea.

Nogne O Imperial Stout Cognac 250ml $16.00
The regular version is a hard act to follow but I have a soft spot for cognac ba beers & this is one that certainly benefits from the added complexity.

Brewdog Barrel Aged 77 Lager 330ml $5.00
A beefed up & suitably more complex version of the regular 77 lager.

Brewdog & Three Floyds Bitch Please Islay 330ml $30.00
This crazy collab is back for another year with a tweak. Aged in Islay whisky barrels, lending massive notes of peat & smoke to a barleywine base.

Brewdog Dog A 330ml $30.00
Apparently one of the most popular Abstrakt releases, this returns as a celebration of their 5th Anniversary. An exceptionally big, rich imperial stout brewed with cacoa, coffee & naga chilli.

Brewdog Tokyo Rising Sun 330ml $45.00
Holy hell! One of the original batches of Tokyo Imperial stout aged in Highland whisky casks for 4 YEARS! Super limited!

Dugges High Five! 330ml $8.50
A big, ballsy US style IPA with massive hop flavour. Citrus aroma with pine bitterness.

Dugges Holy Cow! 330ml $8.00
Lots of malt and hops create this fruity, slightly sweet and bitter IPA, which has a long finish.

Anchorage White Out 750ml $37.00
Take a Belgian Witbier base brewed with lemon peel, black peppercorn & coriander then age it in Chardonnay barrels with brett. What do you get? Something truly amazing!

Clown Shoes Hoppy Feet 650ml $19.50
Brewed in celebration of their 1st Anniversary, this double black IPA is bursting with resin & pine hop notes as well as layers of dark roasted malt.

Heretic Tartuffe 650ml $14.00
Another exciting release from brewing guru Jamil Zainasheff, this is a Berlinner Weisse style, light & wheaty with tart acidity on the finish.

Heretic Worry 375ml $17.50
Crazy, experimental barrel aged beers are hard to replicate commercially but this is one that Jamil is certainly proud of. This Belgian strong golden ale is aged in Chardonnay barrels for added complexity.