An Abundance of Amazing Beers + Mate Night/Date Night

The weeks roll on & the new beers continue to fly in thick & fast! Similarly we have a backlog of amazing kegs to be tapped, which rather fittingly coincides with our new early week special!

In a bid to beat the Winter blues, we will be running specials on selected tap beers Monday to Wednesday every week. Bring a friend, buy a share plate of food + 1 glass of our tap beer of the week, then receive the second glass with our compliments! Perfect to share with a mate, or a date…or on your own I guess?

Now that doesn’t seem fair does it? Rest assured, if you can’t wrangle a mate/date, alternatively you can buy 1 glass of our tap beer of the week, then receive the second glass at half price. Same deal, Monday to Wednesday every week.

As always, check the link for current tap list & menu:

3 Ravens Errol Flynn Best Bitter 500ml $12.00
A stylish little number with new world hop aroma, biscuit malt character & old world bitterness on the finish.

3 Ravens Double Ale Noir 750ml $20.00
Suped up version of the Ale Noir. Aged in French Oak Pinot Noir barrels for 9 months, dark & smoky with toasty oak & savoury red fruit notes.

Little Creatures Single Batch Day of the Long Shadow 500ml $6.50
Next in the long line of single batch releases, a Belgian inspired spiced winter ale. Layers of caramel & chocolate malt with subtle fruit spice notes.

Moondog Beer Here Freaks & Geeks 330ml $7.00
Managed to nab some more of this quirky brew. A Danish dark farmhouse ale, dark malt, a touch of peat & earthy saison yeast.

Red Hill Diamond Jubilee IPA 500ml $15.00
Inspired by a recent trip to the Motherland of IPA, this has loads of biscuit malt with subtle notes of marmalade & earthy, spicy hop bitterness.

Boon Oude Gueuze 375ml $9.00
Traditional style gueuze, light & effervescent on the palate with a distinctly funky, barnyard aroma & bracing tartness on the finish.

Boon Kriek 375ml $9.00
More commercial, approachable style. Vibrant cherry aroma & sweetness on the palate with a touch of sour cherry acidity on the finish.

Rodenbach Original 250ml $4.00
A blend of 2/3 young to 1/3 old ale that has been aged in oak vats. Malty with red fruit notes, oak & pronounced tartness.

Rodenbach Grand Cru 330ml $6.00
A blend of 2/3 old to 1/3 young ale that has bee aged in oak vats. Malty with red fruit notes, prominent oak & pronounced tartness.

Banks Barley Gold Strong Ale 330ml Can $5.00
A barleywine, in a can? You bet! Caramel & toffee malt with fruity esters & a touch of hop bitterness. Nothing amazing but pretty darn good value.

Thornbridge Jaipur IPA 500ml $12.00
An exceptionally highly regarded brew, from an English brewery with modern leanings. Vibrant fruity hop aroma with notes of marmalade & apricot jam, biscuit & caramel malt with robust spicy bitterness on the finish.

Thornbridge St Petersburg Imperial Russian Stout 500ml $11.00
Layers of dark roasted malt bring notes of molasses, dark bitter chocolate & espresso with undertones of raisins & plum.

Schneider Weisse Tap 5 Meine Hopfenweisse 500ml $9.00
Easily one of our favorites. Originally a collaboration with Brooklyn Brewery this is a robustly hopped pale wheat beer. Amazingly vibrant hop aroma & bitterness with the banana & clove yeast notes you expect of the style.

Schneider Tap X Mein Nelson Sauvin 750ml $25.00
Carrying on from the hopfenweisse, this is a pale wheat beer hopped solely with Nelson Sauvin. Expect vibrant tropical fruit & grassy bitterness with banana & clove yeast notes.

Yeastie Boys Digital IPA 330ml $7.50
A distinctly Kiwi IPA. Masses of tropical fruit bring lycee, passionfruit & gooseberry with a robust herbally, grassy bitterness.

Yeastie Boys Her Majesty 2012 750ml
This year is another hybrid of sorts, marrying dark German & British malts, with a dash of fruity, spicy East Kent Goldings hop character & a little secret something for complexity.

Brewdog Dogma 330ml $6.50
Its been a while between drinks & what was once a pretty quirky brew has been tweaked into a scotch ale brewed with heather honey.

Brewdog Tokyo 330ml $17.00
A big, rich & brooding 18% imperial stout brewed with jasmine & cranberry then aged oak french oak for added complexity.

Brewdog IPA is Dead 330ml 4pk $30.00
This years release of single hop IPAs sees 4 new offerings. The experimental US HBC, British Challenger, NZ Motueka & our local Galaxy even gets a run.

Brewdog Abstrakt AB:09 375ml $37.00
A big 17% abv imperial stout with a distinctive Scottish twist. Cranachan is a famous Scottish dessert & this is brewed with that in mind. Oats, honey & raspberries added with the beer then aged in whisky barrels for 6 months.

Innis & Gunn Irish Whisky Cask Stout 330ml $6.00
A departure from the rest of the Innis & Gunn range in that it is quite dark & rich but the cask aged character still remains. Masses of dark roasted malt with undertones of Irish whiskey, overall pretty reminiscent of an Irish coffee.

Innis & Gunn Canadian Cask 330ml $8.50
Brewed annually for Canada Day, this is aged in Canadian Whiskey casks imparting vanilla & coconut to a beer with rich toffee notes.